Frontier War Stories

Frontier War Stories - Libby Connors - Billy Barlow The Good Looking Warrior

April 17, 2021

In episode Twenty of Frontier War Stories Boe yarns Libby Connors author of Warrior: A Legendary Leader's Dramatic Life and Violent Death on the Colonial Frontier.

Billy Barlow Gubbi Gubbi headman and resistance leader, was born in the 1820s, the decade when British officials authorised the invasion and occupation of what would become the city of Brisbane.

At some point during the 1840s Billy Barlow had joined Dundalli and the Aboriginal men of Bribie Island in their fight against the European invaders. Bribie Islanders were at the centre of the Aboriginal resistance around Brisbane from 1843 until at least 1859. Their success in removing white settlers, missionaries, timber rafters, and cattlemen from their country was remarkable.

The markings on a spear found in the plundered hut were identified by police as belonging to Barlow and a warrant was issued for his arrest in August 1852. The reward notice described him as ‘a good looking man’ (NSW Government Gazette 1852, 1248) with a long nose and a missing front tooth.

Most of the description above found on Indigenous Australia website which is hosted by the National Centre of Biography at the Australian National University. (

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